Monday, January 17, 2011

Sick Singer

Well I just talked to my sewing machine repairman and the news is not encouraging. The first thing he asks is how much I am willing to spend on my 20 year old machine! Ouch. He said it's either a computer board or the motor and it will be around $150. (sigh) last year I had to replace a different computer board and that cost $300.
So I think this is it for the old girl, I really, really, really want a Bernina and I guess its time to start putting money aside for a new machine.
 My Singer was one of the first computerized machines back in 1980 and I justified spending $1200 ($3000 in todays dollars) because I sewed all my kids clothes, shirts for my husband and my dad, and I made quilts, lots and lots of quilts. The first sewing I did with it was to sew a wardrobe for my mom to wear on a trip to Florida.
So I have gotten my money's worth out of her but I think I should be realistic; she is not the best for machine quilting. The tension discs are probably worn because I cannot use monofilament thread and the lighting really is awful.... See how I am coming up with reasons for a new machine? Lol
I will probably get her back and she will sew fine for another 10 years.


Laurie in Maine said...

lol - not sure if I should wish your Singer well or hope it's really broken so you can have a new dream machine :)
My Viking was sounding horrid so called the repairman to get a drop off date. He said sounds like maybe it needs oil - so I did -even tho book says "never oil!" Sounded worse (day before Christmas). Christmas morning I tried it out just for the heck of it and NEVER sounded better. Ran around house thanking Santa & elves for fixing my machine! But there went my day dream new machine for awhile longer :)

DH Stitches said...

Holly, I was in the same boat about 15 years ago and I forked over the money for a Bernina and have never looked back. You will absolutely love it. It will be so worth it. I own two now and would never part with them! Another thought: if a Bernina is not in your budget, consider a Janome. Lots of great features and a little less pricey. Janome owners love their machines. So--start saving and you'll be a happy happy girl when that day comes!

Holly said...

Lol!Told the husband last night I was all done putting money in the Singer! He has heard me talking about a Bernina for over ten years. My brother's ex girlfriend got one and I was able to sew on it,that was such an eye opener! Now there are even better features!

Bonnie said...

You've gotten a lot of use out of your singer. Perhaps it's time for the old girl to retire. I love my Bernina that is only 13 years old... but every once in a while I think, new machine??? I have slight slippage when I sew two long seams. Just a thought -- have you considered getting your self a mid-arm or long-arm quilting machine? I highly recommend the Noltings -- they have a fun quilter that some people do marvelous things with.... Are you still making clothing or are you only into quilting? Just something to think about when you go forth for a new machine.... (yes, call me an enabler!) B.

Tamera said...

I would highly recommend a Bernina, but consider an older model (like an 1120 or 1130 or a 1230). Those babies will sew for you forever!

The throat space is small, though. If you're going to FMQ (Free Motion Quilt), it's a little of a challenge.