Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Paper Piecing

Do you ever lose your motivation in the middle of a project? Even one you love? After going days without any sewing on the Trail to Eagle quilt I finally figured out my problem . I do love the quilt but I don't like paper piecing.
While sewing away on the outer border of curved geese sections I feel the tension building up in my neck and shoulders. Being surrounded by threads and trimmings from the process of paper piecing makes me crazy.
My solution is to sew two paper pieced sections then work on  a normal quilt block.
Ahhh, I feel better now. The block is Joseph's Coat. I drew the block in EQ6 then used the random recolor tool to come up with this color scheme.
I also designed the quilting for the center block of Trail to Eagle and marked it. Sharon Schamber has a free video on marking your quilt and she suggests marking in sections and using freezer paper to stabilize the section you are marking instead of wrestling with the whole quilt.
I bought the cheap bic pencils she recommends but I was too chicken to use them. They did erase I just didn't know if my machine quilting skills would be enough to avoid having to erase every mark where I missed the line.
Only one more border to paper piece. Yeah!
Happy sewing everyone.