Friday, April 8, 2011

Hand Quilting

No time for sewing the last two weeks unfortunately but I have spent a little time in the evening plugging away on this quilt. The hand quilting is all done except for the borders, which are taking for ever!

I do apologize for having disappeared for a bit. We helped my daughter and her family move from a second floor apartment to a house, and the next day we moved the sister-in-law from the house to a second floor apartment. My calves hurt soooo much!
This week I agreed to Spring clean my brothers house in town (large) and his house on the lake (small). The house in town took 22 hours total. Today I will do the lake house and I hope to be done in about six hours.
So I haven't been in the sewing studio except to do laundry. David's quilt is sitting next to the machine ready to be bound. Hopefully this weekend, but it is finally going to be nice out and the yard needs work. Sigh.
I promise not to be gone so long without an update. I know I get frustrated when I keep finding the same post everytime I check my favorite blogs.