Saturday, October 23, 2010

Lost and Found

I finished the basket quilt top, minus the borders, last night. I was sewing on the very last row and I could not find my triangle patch. Now, I am pretty good at math and more than a few times I have found a piece of fabric that was just large enough to cut out the needed patches. So as you have surmised I was down on the floor looking for that dumb last triangle! I even went through the trash can.... nope not enough to even piece one together. So I grabbed a fabric from my stash with the same value and cut out the triangle, sewed it on and pressed the top.

Guess what I found on the floor?

 And now that its done I think I could have used a fabric just a bit  lighter. Over all I am pretty happy with the top, nice and scrappy and Autumn looking.
I went ahead and used the pink basket even though it doesn't have enough contrast... it is a scrap quilt afterall.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Playing with Photoshop

This is a photo of the willow that stands at the edge of the bank at our (in laws) cottage at Lake Ontario. It provides the only shade. The lake carves out the base of the bank every winter causing  six to twelve inches  of lawn to slide down the hill. Some spring soon the willow is going to lose the battle and fall over. No more shady spot.

 This is the actual photo.

This is the edited picture. I used the cutout effect under the artistic tab in Photoshop Elements 6. If you click on the picture so you can see it larger you will notice how it simplified the picture into shapes and lines. I could see using this to create a wall quilt using raw edge applique.
Here is a picture of my granddaughter using the cutout button. Not that I am going to be doing this anytime soon, but I think it looks pretty neat!

Time to get back to my homework. I am taking a Quilt Whisperer class from Carla Barrett . Fun and challenging. If you quilt your own quilts and want to learn how to come up with better quilting designs this class is for you!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Design Wall Done

Yesterday the weather was sunny and cool and I decided to get outside and clean up the garden. Well you know how it goes, next thing you know I am making a new vegetable garden bed and decide I have to go to Lowe's to price fencing....
Well I didn't buy the garden fence but I did come home with two pieces of one inch thick blue foam insulation to make my design wall. I talked about that in this post  I bought two pieces of insulation board and a roll of Gorilla tape. I had some warm and natual batting and a can of spray mount.

I cut 12 inches off the longer end of the board so I could easily move my wall around. Then I took the board outside and lay them down on my patio. I sprayed one side with the spray mount and after finding the center of the batt, I smoothed it over the board. The excess batting was cut off but I left about 6 inches all around so I could wrap it around to the back and tape it down with the Gorilla tape. 

 I think they will work well and when pushed together they make a good size design wall.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Finally finished all the flying geese sashing. I laid the quilt out on the floor to work on placement, then stacked them into rows and numbered them. The cornerstones and setting triangles still need to be cut out and I am debating whether to do scrappy look or something to tie the whole top together. Plus I am still deciding on the border treatment.