Saturday, October 23, 2010

Lost and Found

I finished the basket quilt top, minus the borders, last night. I was sewing on the very last row and I could not find my triangle patch. Now, I am pretty good at math and more than a few times I have found a piece of fabric that was just large enough to cut out the needed patches. So as you have surmised I was down on the floor looking for that dumb last triangle! I even went through the trash can.... nope not enough to even piece one together. So I grabbed a fabric from my stash with the same value and cut out the triangle, sewed it on and pressed the top.

Guess what I found on the floor?

 And now that its done I think I could have used a fabric just a bit  lighter. Over all I am pretty happy with the top, nice and scrappy and Autumn looking.
I went ahead and used the pink basket even though it doesn't have enough contrast... it is a scrap quilt afterall.

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