Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Need a laugh?

I have just spent the weekend caring for a sick hubby and a sick son. Hubby came down with the intestinal flu on Wednesday and was still not feeling at all well over the weekend. My son arrived home for the weekend from college and within 24 hours caught the same intestinal flu. And I dodged the bullet somehow. Monday hubby goes back to work still feeling a little puny. Son decides he'll head back even though he's not quite his normal self. He decides to wait till 7pm. He packs his car, checks the oil and antifreeze levels. No water in the radiator! He pours a gallon of antifreeze in and it runs right back out.
So Mom helps him load his stuff in the truck and we take off for the 1 hour drive to school. Well, we get chatting away and blow right by our exit!. The next exit is fifteen miles away... Meanwhile he is not feeling all that great  and we have to stop at the rest area. Thirty minutes later I drop him off and drive back home. I arrive at 9:45 pm. I may have exceeded the speed limit in case you were doing the math.

I had intended to work on my Quilt Whisperer homework and I ended up just staring at the TV for an hour to unwind.
Today I feel wore out, yet I want to finish my QW homework, start cutting out a couple of small quilts for my grandkids, practice my machine quilting, clean my house and go fabric shopping!
So while I was sitting here at the computer instead of doing any of the above I went to to see the new blocks and I clicked on this link. Oh I have not laughed so hard in a long time. If you need a good belly laugh go to Cindy's site and read the family dirt, you won't regret it!
Since this is a quilting blog I will show you a little wallhanging I designed last winter.
Now I am getting off the computer and starting something. LOL

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