Thursday, November 4, 2010

What Shall I Do?

I have some blocks that I made from patterns I drafted out of Jinny Beyer's Patchwork Portfolio. Some of these blocks I made a long, long time ago but I also made a couple more last year from bits and pieces of leftover fabric and some new fabric. I love eight pointed star blocks!
 I'm thinking that nine blocks and some borders will make a nice wall hanging but I could make a beautiful bed quilt if I make a bunch more blocks. My problem is I am pretty sure that I won't have enough fabric to tie in the new blocks. The two blocks I made last year used old and new fabric. If I make the quilt with 30 blocks I could match the value but I would have to use new fabric.
Any suggestions?
I have enough border fabric to do 30 blocks but its all holey from cutting out exact match pieces. There is not enough to use for borders and I can't get any more.

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