Friday, November 5, 2010

Quilt Whispering

Wow I am just finishing up my QuiltWhisperer Class with Carla Barrett of Feathered Fibers and I am so excited! I have been quilting for 30 plus years but I was still stuck in the hand quilting frame of mind, where you either stitch in the ditch or a quarter inch away and save your fancy stencils for large open spaces and the borders.Well now I am learning how to break the quilt down into different areas and  finding and enhancing the focal point. I am finding designs all around me to use as quilting motifs and I am keeping them in a journal.
I am so glad I took this class. If you get the chance stop by the QW forum or Carla's blog and look at what she does. She really can teach you how to do it too! I won't post my homework yet because I plan to make the quilt but from now on if I post a new EQ design I'll try and show how it would look quilted.

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