Monday, November 29, 2010

Design Wall Monday November 29

Wow this week went by in a blur. On my wall today is Lorelai's little quilt. She is 16 months old and just became a big sister last Monday. I am sewing the strips together today. The sun is shining on the fourth strip from the left, which is OK because this time of year we don't see a lot of blue sky or sunshine.

I also managed some sock knitting. Thanksgiving day my husband had to work so I said I would ride along and keep him company. Its kind of hard to knit a pattern when you are bouncing along in a tractor trailer, so I started the sock on the right when we left.

I still have to pick quilt designs for two grandchildren, machine quilt all five quilts and bind.... before Christmas. LOL
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Thats all the quilt stuff for today, if you want to see some off topic pics scroll on down.
This is Lorelai and her new baby sister Lilian.


Delivering a load of beans to the Bronx. Great view, don't you think? See my sock on the dash to the right? Not bad progress for having started it a few hours earlier.
Getting ready to cross the George Washington bridge in NYC on our way back home.

I thought I could get a picture of NYC skyline from the bridge but instead just a nice pic of husband's handsome mug.


Chris said...

babies are just so sweet!! Congratulations to the family.

Judy D said...

The babies are adorable. :) Love the quilt and love the socks! I also knit or crochet when I am the passenger. Get lots done that way.

Charlene S said...

Too cold for me there. I love the picture of big sister.