Monday, October 18, 2010

Design Wall Done

Yesterday the weather was sunny and cool and I decided to get outside and clean up the garden. Well you know how it goes, next thing you know I am making a new vegetable garden bed and decide I have to go to Lowe's to price fencing....
Well I didn't buy the garden fence but I did come home with two pieces of one inch thick blue foam insulation to make my design wall. I talked about that in this post  I bought two pieces of insulation board and a roll of Gorilla tape. I had some warm and natual batting and a can of spray mount.

I cut 12 inches off the longer end of the board so I could easily move my wall around. Then I took the board outside and lay them down on my patio. I sprayed one side with the spray mount and after finding the center of the batt, I smoothed it over the board. The excess batting was cut off but I left about 6 inches all around so I could wrap it around to the back and tape it down with the Gorilla tape. 

 I think they will work well and when pushed together they make a good size design wall.

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