Monday, January 31, 2011

Seneca Lake

I just came back from taking a walk along Seneca Lake at the state park. For such a miserably cold day it was really quite pretty. Do you like to see pictures of where your favorite bloggers are from? I do.


Tamera said...

I forgot what open water looked like, lol. It's bitterly cold here and any outside bodies of water are quite frozen through by now.

Thanks for the reminder that there are still parts of the country where it's not so cold.

Judy said...

I'm from Geneva, now in So Calif. I remember many walk in that park -- beautiful area. Can't wait until March when I go back for a visit.

Holly said...

Tamera,Seneca Lake is very deep and fed by underground springs that keep the water constantly moving so it rarely freezes completely even when we have had weeks of temperatures hovering in the teens and single digits.

Carole said...

Yes, I do like to see where quilter's are from! Hum... you're giving me some ideas! Thanks for sharing! Cheers!