Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Update on the Eagle

My son is had his board of review and he is now an Eagle Scout! DH and I are very proud of him.  The paperwork should be back from Texas in about a month or so and then we can have his award ceremony.

On the quilting front I have made decent progress. I turned Mr. Eagle's head so he is looking in the right direction, added the two borders and am in the process of putting the Scout Law around the green border. My thumb has a permanent dent from cutting out the letters.
If you have seen the first EQ drawing you will notice that I have made a few changes. The letters were way too small when I had them going around the center block. So I widened the border and placed the words around it.

The two boy scouts (DH was a boy scout) in the family decided they liked the five point star better. Sighing .... the star blocks are 5 inches with five set-in pieces and I will probably sew them by hand. I pieced a test block on the machine but I am sure that hand sewing will be faster.

I would like to get the star border done by the end of the weekend. We shall see....

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