Sunday, January 17, 2010

Quiltathon results

Well I guess I am satisfied with my progress on Trail to Eagle. I finished appliqueing the circle to the background square and started the center applique design. Since I jumped in to Judy's quiltathon at the last minute I wasn't as prepared. I had to do some laundry and somebody (son) ate the last of the bread and I needed to make more for lunches. Next month's quiltathon I am going to be prepared for some serious sewing time.

I took this picture before I finished sewing the circle in case you look close and see the pins!

I'll cut the circle out after I finish the appliques. Once I have sewn the center circle on I'll cut away the back and remove the papers.
I think for the words that go around the square I am going to use fusible interfacing and a zig zag or buttonhole stitch.


scraphappy said...

That is going to be a fabulous quilt when it is done, you've made great progress this weekend. Aren't quilt marathons fun?

Holly said...

It is fun! You really feel connected and part of a group even though you have no idea who anyone is.LOL

Carolyn said...

Just found your blog...what a beautiful quilt you're working on! And congratulations to you and your son for his Eagle Scout, what a huge accomplishment!

JVC_Scout_Mom said...

Holly -- it's lovely! Great progress!

I didn't do as well w/ the quiltathon. I put together a quilts for kids top, and was 'uninspired' to quilt it, so I started digging through my scraps to make a quilt from Quiltmaker Magazine (paper piece freebie) that features tents and a campfire. But, an oncoming migraine curtailed getting more than 2 blocks done. But, that means I have something to work on in the evenings, right?


Holly said...

Ida, migraines are so awful my Mom used to get them alot and had to go to bed because they hurt so much.
I sent you a message through your Flickr account about the EQ file.
Hope you are feeling better!