Tuesday, January 19, 2010


If you have done any applique you know that asymmetrical pieces have to be reversed or they come out backwards. I think we just went over this with the geese flying around my center star. Hmmm. Sometime between Saturday and today I seemed to have forgotten that lesson.
 I think I will decide tomorrow if Mr. Eagle needs has to be looking to his right (probably) or if anyone will really notice (probably).
 The paper has been removed and I have started cutting out the letters. The letters are pretty small so I will sew a few letters to scrap fabric before I sew them to the block so I can see what stitch to use and if I am going to have any problems.
 I have a small amount of ease to work in but I'll wait till the letters are sewn on before I block it out.

Well I hope tomorrow's adventures in quilting are not going to involve reversals in any form. I'll probably spell something wrong, and only notice after I have stitched it down....

It's  new day and I know the how and why of Mr. Eagles head turn. In Electric Quilt when you print a block it reverses it which is a very handy feature unless you are doing needleturn applique where you draw the template on the right side of the fabric.

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