Thursday, January 7, 2010

I do not make New Years resolutions but I have four sayings I try to live by
  1. Stop buying useless crap.
  2. If you get it out put it back.
  3. Do it now.
  4. Just do it.
Works for me most of the time.

I am finishing the border on Molly's Meadow finally. Way too many quilt interuptions in my life. The foot pedal on my Singer is so touchy that my stiches are horrid, big toe hookers and then so close together I couln't rip them out if I tried. Zoom, zoom, zoom. slow,slow,zoom. I am going to try and put something firm under the pedal and see if that helps.

This is what I am working on in Electric Quilt. I am still playing with the design and the colors.
I  am calling it the Trail to Eagle quilt.

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Tina said...

This is going to be awesome! I'm with my Girl Scouts today and they like it, too! My son is almost a Life Scout and I have the whole collection of Boy Scout and Girl Scout fabrics. Best of luck with the quilt!