Thursday, February 11, 2010

Perfect practice makes perfect.

I have managed to finish two of the star borders in the Eagle quilt. Boy are they tricky buggers. If you want the stars to all face right side up make sure you triple check their orientation before sewing on the side triangles. Left side second from the top.

I have been thinking about the quilting designs and started looking around the internet for inspiration and I found Carla from feathered fibers. She has started a yahoo group called quiltwhisperers from a class she taught on how to come up with designs for your finished top. The class was offered here.

I decided to practice my machine quilting a little every day, so I fooled around with  plain muslin, but I want to work on some pieced blocks too. I have run into issues when crossing seams.

I finally sewed the binding down on my Molly's Meadow quilt.  The quilt is actually straight, I had to take the picture from the stairs. I'll try and retake the picture tomorrow during the day so the light will be better.

My husband and son are going camping this weekend so I am hoping for a marathon sewing weekend. I let them take the car ( we only have one) so I have to stay put unless I walk somewhere, plus, since the car is gone people think I am not home and don't stop by. I know that sounds terrible but I am really trying to get my quilting momentum back. Or do I mean stamina?
I just know that in my younger days I could cut and sew all day plus keep up with my kids schedules, clean, cook, ect.
Well I have blathered enough. Everyone have a good night. I'll be back.

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