Sunday, May 29, 2011

Found Projects

While rearranging the sewing studio last week, I found a box I haven't opened in awhile and in it was a cross stitch project begun more than ten years ago. I was amazed to find that it was almost finished and yet I  put it away and forgot all about it. Well I went upstairs and dragged my DMC floss out from under the bed, found a needle and grabbed the project and pattern and have now finished everything except one quilt square in the lower right side.

As soon as I get it framed I'm hanging it in my studio. The pattern is by Marilyn Leavitt-Imblum under her Told In A Garden series. She has some amazing patterns out! I can't believe how much cross stitch has changed in the last few years. While wasting time using the computer I typed a Google search for cross stitch patterns and found this website.  I can't imagine how long it would take to stitch some of these patterns.

In the box with the project was another project I meant to make, The Country Store  so of course I ran out and bought the floss I was missing for the project, which will probably end up in a box I will find ten years from now....
What I noticed after going through my unfinished quilts (here) and the cross stitching and the art journaling and every other hobby including canning and baking is most of it came to a screeching halt when I went to work full time after being a stay at home mom for years. About the only thing I was doing while I was employed was sock knitting. Anyone who works full time while raising a family and yet still finds makes time to quilt has my admiration. When energy levels were handed out I must have been having a nap!
I am again looking for work because we need the extra income and I am a little concerned that I won't have the energy to quilt (or stitch or draw) as much. Maybe it will be different this time with only my college age son at home. I sure hope so.

Tomorrow I get to put together my window boxes and pots. I can't wait.

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