Wednesday, May 11, 2011


I can't believe I left this wall hanging up so long that the binding has begun to fade! I spent a loooooooooong time hand quilting this piece and I am just a little annoyed with myself that I let this happen. I only hung this quilt up during Christmas  time for years and after New Years I careful put it away but a couple of years ago I just didn't take it down and now look at it. Life lesson learned....
It's hard to believe I have been absent from my blog for over a month. There wasn't any quilting worth posting about anyway. Just hand quilting on my Bear Hollow quilt when I had time. I have been keeping up with reading my favorite blogs though since reading what everyone is working on helps motivate me.
As I am writing this I can hear the birds singing, there is a gentle breeze blowing, there are leaves on the trees finally and the sun is shining! I am going to motivate outside to work in the garden. Have a wonderful day!

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