Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Unfinished Quilts

I rearranged my sewing studio a few days ago and one of the totes I opened contained all my older unfinished quilts and a few miniature quilts I don't hang up anymore. Every year or so I get out these quilts, look at them and put them back in the box. Some have serious problems, some I just can't see finishing, and some I just haven't found the motivation to finish; especially since I also have a pile of recent quilt tops I need to get quilted.

Mini quilts
Except for the bottom row these are all tops I haven't finished. For a few years I was into making miniature quilts. The log cabin quilt is the only one I paper pieced, the rest were cut out and sewn with quarter inch seams or one eighth inch seams. It's not that I don't like them, I just don't know what to do with them.
This wallhanging needs a couple more borders. I intended to hang this in my sewing room when it was finished.
This one only had a tiny bit more quilting. It was supposed to be a baby quilt for my neice who just graduated from high school on Friday. I know, right!?

The pattern from this quilt top is from Quiltmaker magazine Fall 1990. The burgundy fabric ran and I never cared for the mint green/pink fabric or the Hoffman that is between the lighter blue diamonds.
If you have been quilting for a few years you could probably figure out how old this top is! Mauve and green. 1980s. I ran out of fabric for the border. Today I would have used more fabrics and just found a matching value and hue to use in the border.

I know you are not going to believe me but in all the years I have been quilting I have never finished a quilt for my own bed! This was going to be a summer quilt. I wanted to use fabrics that looked summery and light. I like the design of this quilt but I used cheap fabric and it is kind of stiff.

This one breaks my heart. I designed this for my granddaughter Shayla. The batik fabric I used in the sashing runs every time a wash it. It left purple blotches on the pink fabric. Also, I forgot some of the freezer paper and the glue is so stuck I can't get them out without ripping the fabric. I tried soaking but that didn't help and it made the batik run more.

I like this. It just needs some borders and it will make a great Fall table topper or wall hanging.

I was trying to design a ribbon type border but I was having trouble with my applique where the ribbon twisted. Also, I am not real happy with the colors.
I hope you enjoyed the little show and tell. All the quilts went back in the tote. Maybe someday I will either finish them or pass them on.
Have a wonderful day.

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