Thursday, December 17, 2009

Yesterday was one of those intense, mentally draining days. But when it was over three things were accomplished. My son finished work on two merit badges he needs for his Eagle award. In order to recieve an Eagle award one of the requirements is to earn 21 merit badges. You also have to plan and carry out a service project. All the requirements must be finished completely before your eighteenth birthday, which for my son is in 18 days!  Procrastination has led to just a wee bit of stress and testiness on the scout and his mother and father.

The other project finished yesterday was the binding on my brother's quilt. I gave him this quilt for Christmas 2007! I had too many projects going that year and was unable to finish. If you have been following along you know about my cantankerous Singer. Well half way through the machine quilting with nylon thread the Singer decides it does not like Mr. Nylon thread (and still doesn't) so the quilt was stashed for awhile. To make a long story short I finally finished the quilting using So Fine. I am usually a perfectionist but this quilt is far, far from perfect but I forged ahead and tonight it is on his bed! The pattern is Judy Martin's Shakespeare in the Park from The Creative Pattern Book. And its on sale now for $9.95!
The third to-do done is the heel on my son's Christmas stocking. I had to take a break from knitting and I don't know if I was rusty or if the directions were a little vague but after ripping it out 3 times I finally figured it out. The foot part is a piece of cake so he should have it by Christmas Eve. (fingers crossed). I'll post a pic when I get a chance meanwhile check it out here Annie's Woolens.

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