Monday, December 7, 2009

Cheap sewing table

I have to thank Marguerita McManus for her video on building a cheap sewing table.

I had become so frustrated trying to machine quilt at the kitchen table with a pile of books and a homemade plexiglass table. The table was too high the books slid around and the quilt got caught on the edge of the plexiglass.

I found Marguerita's video and was determined to make my own. I found my tables at BJ's Wholesale for $45 each ( I bought 2) and the insulation foam at Lowe's for $35. The vinyl I found a Walmart before they went "super" and got rid of half their stuff. So altogether I spent about $131.

The table works perfectly! It is the right height and size. The vinyl is nice and slick. My quilts slide so easy. No more pulling and wrestling. No more broken needles. Thank you Marguerita.

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