Monday, December 20, 2010

Design Wall Monday December what!!!!!!

Hello quilting friends! No quilty stuff on the design wall today, since they are being machine quilted and bound.
David's quilt was the last thing on my wall.

Just a few more squares and the border and I can put the binding on.

My Uncle David had his annual family Christmas party where I was able to have a five generation picture done. I need to figure out how to lose the background.LOL
From left to right is me, my mom, my grandpa who is holding baby Lilian, my daughter Caitlin who's holding Lorelai.Grandpa is 96!
We garden together and are waiting for the seed catalogs to come! He is amazing and I am glad for everyday we have together.
Baby Lilian.

Saturday we went looking for our tree. The guys led the way complaining that they needed to take a nap and would like to hurry up the process. I was thinking about my todo list amd just let them have at it. Here they have decided this one looks pretty good.

And before I could even say a word.....

the tree is cut, hoisted, and hauled home. Pat sticks the tree in the stand and drags it in the house. Job done! They congratulate each other and flop on the couch. But wait.... did you take a good look at the tree? Its a little on the skinny side. How am I supposed to work with that?
Obviously they don't care. Tree trimming is my job.
Good enough I say.
Since this is primarly a quilting blog I will share my only (so far) Christmas quilt. Machine pieced and hand quilted so long ago the tree block fabrics and the binding are starting to fade.

Have a wonderful week and thanks for stopping by. And if you don't get back here till next week have a very merry Christmas!
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Gari said...

Your tree pictures took me back to when we six used to go out and cut our tree. In the northern part of IL we almost always had snow so it made for a lot of slipping and sliding along with laughter. Moving south we couldn't find the right tree and it is the only part of living in the south I don't like. Snow I can do without. ;-)