Sunday, November 9, 2014

November 9th, 2014
Partly sunny and 44 degrees.

I have finally purchased a new camera but still need some practice to learn all it can do.

We are taking advantage of the mild day and getting ready for dreaded winter. The snow shovel is out, along with a container of ice melt. I've put the ice scraper in the truck. Sigh...
I did a bit of clean up in the vegetable garden. There were some jalapenos, Serrano and scotch bonnet peppers along with some scarlet runner beans I've been letting dry on the vines.
I moved my peonies to the back yard, dividing one of them so there are now three. It will probably be a couple of years before they flower.

This is taken from the side yard facing the street and is one of the last trees still hanging on to it's leaves.
About ten or twelve years ago there was a huge lilac where the tree is standing now. This is what happens when you don't yank out those volunteer trees.
 No more lilac, no more sunny south side and no more perennial border. But since this is not my tree I have had to adapt.
This year marked the biggest change. The tree finally grew so tall that the peonies didn't flower and the Stella d'Oro Daylilies, who are pretty tolerant only bore a few flowers.
But the space is a wonderful place to sit during a hot summer day and there are other plants that will enjoy the shady space.
I've spent my free time working on a mystery novel and have let my quilting sit idle. But we now have two more grandchildren (making a total of 8) since the last time I posted. So I do need to make a few quilts sometime this year.

Scarlet runner beans
Hot peppers. I'll use the jalapenos in my guacamole later today
Surprise bloomers! This is the third time this year my delphiniums flowered
Late Shasta daisy. Tougher than the Hosta behind it.

Roses in November! I should make this my wallpaper during the long winter .

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