Monday, September 13, 2010

September is for Sewing

September is one of my favorite months. The cooler nights, the change in the light, back to routine, and cooking and baking. Days all to myself to garden or sew or go shopping . Except this year I am officially an empty nester. My youngest has gone off to college and even though I am use to his being away most of the summer, this is different. No more football practice or sitting on ice cold bleachers, no more concession stand duty. No more stinky practice clothes that need to be washed every night. No more ravenous appetite to keep satisfied,  dirty dishes everywhere, homework nagging or just general all purpose nagging. I feel a little at loose ends, kind of sad.
Since DH is a trucker I have the house, the bathroom, the computer and the kitchen all to myself. I don't know what to do first! Quilt- sew-design...While I was deciding I designed a quilt in EQ7. I am calling it September Days.
I think tomorrow I better make a list.

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